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How to change the colour of a team member in the planning?
How to change the colour of a team member in the planning?

Customise the planning view

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The Planning view, which allows a weekly, monthly or daily display of interventions, can show a different colour for each team member By default, all team members have the same colour.

Changing the colour for a team member

Here are the steps to change the colour of the schedule according to the person involved:

  1. Go to the "HR" menu, then "Team members" from the left-hand sidebar

  2. Open the team member's file

  3. On the team member's view, access the display options (button at the top right), then activate the "Colour on the planning" modification. Ignore this directive if this field is already displayed on the interface.

  4. Finally, edit the team member's record to choose a new colour from the list, before saving.

Tip on the use of colours

  • When an intervention is not assigned to any person, it will use the default colour, which is blue. Therefore, you can exclusively choose other colours for all users to easily distinguish interventions without users.

  • It is possible to choose similar colour ranges for team members doing similar work (red/orange/yellow range, or green/turquoise/blue range ...). This trick can also be used to distinguish certain skills or roles such as team leaders.

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