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View an item's history

Keep track of changes made to various elements like jobs, invoices, quotes, and more

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Organilog makes it easy to access the history of anything you create. It comes in handy when elements mysteriously disappear or get modified without a clear explanation. The history feature allows you to identify who made specific changes and when they occurred.

How to Access and Trace Changes?

For example, on the job form, you'll find a dedicated tab marked with an “i,” where all modification details are gathered.

In the screenshot below, you can see the following modifications:

  1. The report has been sent.

  2. The invoice has been paid

  3. The invoice amount has been modified

  4. The address has been locked.

You can also see who made these changes and when.

To identify the initial customer associated with their Organilog identification number (ID), you can go to any customer file and replace the ID in the URL with the one displayed in the history. This process also applies to addresses.

Please note that the customer's name is not directly displayed to maintain confidentiality, as it is common practice to restrict access to your customer base for certain employees.

Additionally, within the application settings, you'll find three sections that group together all modifications and pages consulted:

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