By default, the intervention system manages one-day interventions very efficiently. However, you may need to make several appointments at a client's site and combine several interventions together. Organilog's solution offers several options. It is up to you to choose the one that suits you best. Here is a short guide detailing these options.

1/ One intervention = One appointment

To find your way around, it is very practical to create one intervention for each appointment. Then, check the intervention history for this customer to verify the number of interventions and the details for each appointment. You can take pictures to monitor the intervention's progress at each visit.

💡 Tip: the "Intervention group" module allows you to group several interventions under the same name. Thus, it is possible to generate only one PDF report for all the interventions. This report can summarize any remarks and comments that the company wants to provide to the client.

2/ Use start and end dates, and comments

It is possible to define an intervention's end date, which is different from the start date. However, even if the end date is 2 weeks after the start date, the total time on site can simply be 2 hours of operations. You can use the comment field to detail the actions or remarks for each visit.

3/ Enter each appointment date in a custom field

You can create a custom field with "Multiline text", entitled "Appointment date", to enter precisely each visit. Next to each date, a small comment can be indicated, to find the history and the details.

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