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Manage provisional jobs
Manage provisional jobs

Plan and track jobs with "Provisional" status

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Organilog helps you manage your future workload in the short, medium, and long term with different job statuses.

The "Provisional" status helps you sort your jobs and anticipate your recurring task or any other activity that you need to schedule and remember!

How to activate this status?

  • Go to Settings

  • Select "General settings".

  • Then select "Jobs".

  • Enable the following option:

How to apply this status?

When you schedule a job, you can choose different statuses, including the "Provisional" status.

In a job, scroll down to the "Completed job" section and pick the status from the list:

What does this status do?

You can easily see the jobs with the "Provisional" status on the calendar. They are grey and have dotted lines.

On the "Dashboard" of the jobs, you can use a filter system to show only the jobs with the "Provisional" status.

This makes it easy for you to set a schedule and plan your future jobs!

⚡ Important note for the mobile app:

A job that you create with the "Provisional" status will not sync to the mobile app. This way, the data in the jobs with the "Provisional" status will not slow down the sync.

A job that was created with another status and then changed to the "Provisional" status will still be visible on the mobile app because it was already synced. But it will not get any updates until you change the status again. It will show on the mobile app on the due date that it was originally set. When you change to another status, the updates of this job on the mobile app will resume.

How to find and schedule jobs with the "Provisional" status?

On the dashboard, you can sort all the jobs with the "Provisional" status using the filters.

Then you can use different information filters and a calendar to choose the jobs that you need to schedule.

To make it easier, you can quickly change the status of multiple jobs at once.

💡Tip: if you don't know the exact date and time of these jobs, you can enter the first day of the month in the "Scheduled job" section.

At the start of each month, you can list all the jobs that you need to schedule and contact your customers to set up the exact date and time of the appointment.

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