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Multiple creation feature

Create multiple interventions with multiple creation feature

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When creating an intervention, and only during creation, you have the option of creating several similar interventions which will be scheduled at a frequency and over a period of your choice.

First, start with creating an intervention and filling in the information fields (title, client, address, date, etc.).
This information will be found on all the interventions that will be created by the multiple creation feature. It is necessary to check that everything is correct otherwise it will affect all future interventions and you will have to modify everything manually later on.

Once the intervention information has been correctly edited, click on the "Edit/ Modify" button next to "Multi-creation" at the bottom of "Planned intervention" as shown in the screenshot below.

The detailed form allows you to configure several pieces of information

  • Periodicity: How often this intervention happens (Every day, every week, every month, every year).

  • Repeat every: This will define when the intervention will be created, for example, if you have selected "every month" in periodicity and you select "4", the interventions will be created with an interval of 4 months. (Once every 4 months)

  • End: Two options are available, by the number of occurrences or by date.

⚡The advantage of the multiple creation feature is to plan and see future similar interventions appear directly on the schedule, unlike a recurrence which will only create interventions according to the settings you have defined, for example, one week before the planned date of the intervention.

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