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Organilog Monthly Updates January 2023
Organilog Monthly Updates January 2023
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Every month, our team brings you new features and improvements to offer you an even more incredible experience! πŸš€

Let's check out what's new this month! πŸ‘‡



Improved drag and drop system

When you edit the due date or planned time of intervention via the schedule, an option now appears to apply the changes to secondary participants as well. This is very useful for managing multi-user interventions.

⚑ Available from PRO Package

Show/hide unassigned interventions.

⚑ Available for all packages

Added filter to easily hide or show interventions that are not assigned to any team member.

πŸ“„ PDF

Additional dynamic fields

Added CLIENT_COMMENT and ADDRESS_COMMENT fields on intervention/invoice PDFs, very useful for displaying client schedules or other key information.

⚑ Available for all packages

QR Invoice (Switzerland customers)

Specifically for Switzerland, this feature allows you to generate QR Invoices on customized PDFs directly.

⚑ Available from PRO Package


Customer Import

It is now possible to add the salutation "Mr/Mrs" when importing a customer.

⚑ Available for all packages

Duplicate a contact

Added a "duplicate" button on the contact sheets.

⚑ Available for all packages


Details of work locations

The contact associated with a job is also displayed on the mobile phone

Choice of currencies

The currency defined from the web interface is also applied on the mobile

Visual improvement of the interface

The web interface has received some design improvements to facilitate navigation.

Optimization of the loading speed

Opening an intervention on the mobile application is now faster.

⭐ We hope you enjoy these new features and look forward to seeing how you put them to use. If you have any questions, please contact us through our Support portal ⭐

You can always share your feedback to help us improve our services. 🀩

It's also a time to share good vibes! If you like our team, a few kind words will always make our day! 😍

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