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Lock a job
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You can secure a job so that users with a "Normal" role cannot edit the information, either from the web app or the mobile app.

How to lock a job?

Open the job and click on the spanner 🔧 at the top right to access the options. Select "🔒 Lock". To unlock the job, do the same thing again.

⚡ Only administrators and moderators can have access to this option.

Automate the locking of a job?

You can set up Organilog to automatically secure a job after it is closed.

To enable this option go to:

  • Settings (⚙️)

  • General settings

  • Mobile application 📱

  • Section: General

  • Eble the option "Lock every finished intervention (be careful with this setting!)"

⚠️ Warning: This feature requires users to be careful when closing jobs. If some information is missing or incorrect and the job is locked, the information cannot be added or changed in the job.

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