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Delete an employee record
Delete an employee record
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When an employee leaves your company, here are the steps to follow to recover a license on your Organilog account without losing the history.

First, you should delete your employee's existing record.

For that :

  • Go to the "HRM" menu

  • Enter the file of the employee you want to delete

  • Once in the form, click on the spanner 🔧at the top right

  • And finally, select "Delete"

The employee record is now deleted, which frees you up with a license to create a new user.

⚡ Note: All the items that were assigned to the team member you have deleted will remain so, and their name will simply be crossed out.

If you want to find the list of deleted team members, please read the following article, which is based on interventions, but applies to ALL elements in Organilog, including users.

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