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Delete / Reactivate an intervention
Delete / Reactivate an intervention

Delete and retrieve an intervention

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Interventions, like any other item, can be deleted. There are several ways to delete an intervention.

Delete an intervention

Enter the intervention file, then click on the 🔧 options in the top right-hand corner to open the drop-down menu. Click on "Delete" to delete it.

Reactivate an intervention

A deleted intervention is actually deactivated and becomes invisible in the intervention list. This makes it possible to reactivate an intervention that would have been mistakenly deleted.
You can find all deleted interventions by changing the " Active? " filter to " Deleted " from the list of your interventions.

And then to retrieve it if necessary, open the intervention file > click on the 🔧 > Reactivate.

Delete multiple interventions

It is also possible to delete several interventions at the same time. To do this, you must first go to the list of interventions and edit the choice of columns (buttons at the top right of the table), in order to display the bulk actions.

Once the column is available, you must select the rows to delete. Multiple rows can be selected at the same time, as shown in the screenshot below.

When the lines are selected, click on the "Bulk action" button at the top of the column to open the menu for managing bulk actions.
This allows you to choose the action(s) to apply. In our case, you must check the box in the "Active?" and the option to "No", and finally save.

When the list of interventions is displayed again, you will see that the selected interventions have been deleted.

💡 Good to know: by applying the same method, it is possible to reactivate several interventions at the same time.

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