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Intervention chronometer on the mobile app
Intervention chronometer on the mobile app

Help on using the intervention chronometer

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The chronometer feature allows workers to start the intervention, let the time count down, and then close the intervention, thus pre-filling in the actual start and end times of the intervention.

How to activate the feature?

  • From the web application, go to Settings (⚙️)

  • Go to the "Mobile application" menu

  • Scroll down to the "View an intervention" section

  • Activate the option "Enable chronometer".

⚡ Note: the option "Disable action button" must also be set to "No", as this action button is required to stop the chronometer.

How to start the chronometer on the mobile application?

In your list of interventions to do, you just have to open the intervention and click on "▶︎" to start the chronometer.

Once the intervention is finished, tick the action box at the top right to stop the chronometer and close the intervention with the hours completed.

The intervention time is then automatically entered in the "completed" section of the intervention.

⚡ Reminder: On the mobile app, remember to record the information you have added as well as the media, then synchronize this information so that the data is sent to the web app. When using the chronometer, the recording is automatic, you just have to synchronize to send the data to the web application.

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