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Mobile application: Unassigned interventions
Mobile application: Unassigned interventions
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From the web, you create interventions, but do not assign them to a specific worker? It is possible to find them in the mobile application in the list of "Unassigned interventions".)

⚡ This feature is available from the Business Package

How to show unassigned interventions on the mobile app

  1. From the web application, go to the General Settings ⚙️

  2. Go to the Mobile application section

  3. In the General > Synchronization section: Choose Yes to "Enable synchronization of unassigned interventions" and save

Assigning an intervention from the mobile application

After the setting, the "Unassigned interventions" module is displayed in the menu.

You can assign it to yourself by clicking on an intervention in the list and then "Assign to myself".

⚠️ Important: Although unassigned interventions are present on the mobile, they will not be visible in the mobile planning, as they are not yet assigned to you.

As soon as you assign yourself an unassigned intervention, it will be visible in the planning (if it has a due date).

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