Do you want to delete a record created by mistake? It is very easy to delete a file in Organilog, whether it's an intervention or a product.

How to delete a record?

Follow these steps:

  • Open the record that you wish to delete.

  • Click on the top right (🔧) icon to open the dropdown menu

  • Click on "Delete"

⚡ Good to know: it should be noted that in reality when you delete a file it is only deactivated by becoming invisible in the menu where you are. If you delete it by mistake, it is possible to restore it.

Do you want to find your deleted records? Simply switch from the "Active" filter to "Deleted" from the list of corresponding records (interventions, products, etc.).

Restoring a record

To restore the deleted record(s), the process is very simple: You will need to filter your dashboard on the deleted items:
Then open the record you wish to reactivate > Click on the top right (🔧) icon > Reactivate

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