It is common for employees of the same company not to need to see the same information on a daily basis.

Thanks to the customization of dashboards and display options, each user of the same Organilog account will be able to choose the information they will view on a daily basis.

Below, you will therefore find detailed explanations in order to customize your dashboards and then your display options:

Dashboards customization

The dashboards allow you to visualize in the form of tables, the information contained in your different modules (customers, interventions, quotes, invoices, etc.)

Using the personalization of the tables, you will be able to select the different columns to display as well as their display order

Step 1: Click on the icon to access the personalization menu
(if the icon does not appear, you will have to activate its display from the display options by selecting the option Choice of columns then Save)

dashboard customization

Step 2: Select/deselect the desired columns

Step 3: Choose the display order of the columns using drag and drop then save

Display Options

The display options allow you in a few clicks to modify the fields to be displayed on an Organilog interface.

Step 1: Click on the Display options button to display the personalization menu

⚡ Note that the Display options button will always be in the same location, regardless of the module you are on

Step 2: Select/deselect the desired fields then save

Note that, unlike dashboard customization, you will not be able to choose the display order/location of the fields.

Then, in order to modify the information contained in these fields, you will have to click on the Edit button of the file concerned.

⚡ Note: The customisation of dashboards and display options only concerns the user, the modifications he/she will make will therefore be specific to his/her user account and will have no impact on the accounts of the other users of the Organilog account.

Display Options

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