Organilog allows you to send a public access page to a quote, a contract or an intervention and to have it signed online.

⚡ This feature is available from Business package.

Demo video: To be updated

To get access to it:

  • Go to a quote/ contract

  • Click on the wrench 🔧

  • Click on "Public page of the document".

  • Copy the link and send it

To activate Contract public page, you need to :

  • Go to Settings ⚙️

  • Click on Clients and go to the Contract section

  • Select "Yes" to Enable contract public page.

  • And save!

To enable the feature in quotes and invoices:

  • Go to Settings ⚙️

  • Click on Billing and go to the "Public page" section

  • Select "Yes" to "Enable public page for quotes/invoices".

  • And save!

There are some other settings as follows:

  • Allow signature of expired quote by checking Yes to "Quote type page: Allow signature after due date"

  • Display quote as pdf by checking Yes to "Display as PDF".

  • Pre-fill the signatory by choosing one of the proposals in "Quotation type page: Pre-fill signatory".

  • Activate the public page for invoices and credit notes by checking Yes to "Customer access to all billing documents".

⚡ For Premium Package, there is also an option to receive an email notification when the document is viewed by checking "Yes" to "Send an email notification when the quote is viewed".

👩‍🔧 The same applies to the intervention part.

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