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Quote and invoice: Purchase price and margin
Quote and invoice: Purchase price and margin

Organilog allows you to edit a product's sales and purchase prices directly on invoices or quotes.

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Organilog allows you to edit the purchase price of an item, product, or service, directly on quotes/ invoices

⚡ This feature is available from Premium package.

Demo video: To be updated.

The purchase price column is visible when editing a quote or invoice. When you add a new item, the purchase price takes the value of the purchase price recorded in the item's file. It is also possible to edit another purchase price directly in the invoice or the quote being drafted (without overwriting your current database!).

This allows you to update the margin of the corresponding quote (or invoice).

⚡ Note: Products with no purchase price or with a purchase price of 0 have a margin of 100%.

To display the purchase price column in the quote/invoice edition page:

  • Go to Settings ⚙️

  • Click on "Billing" then scroll down to the "Columns" section

  • Select "Yes" to "Show "Purchase price" column".

  • And Save!

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