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How to customise emails sent from Organilog
How to customise emails sent from Organilog

Organilog allows you to define customised email templates to be included with your quotes, invoices and intervention reports

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Several settings are available to customise the message sent from the Organilog application. Go to:

  • Settings (⚙️ at the top right)

  • Email settings.

  • Submenus: General, Customer portal, intervention, billing, ticket, contract

In each of these modules, you will find options to activate or customize.

In this article, we will not detail the use of each option, but rather we will focus on what it is possible to customise in the titles and in the body text of the emails.

Demo video: To be updated


Go to Settings > Email settings > Interventions > Sending reports section

Here you can edit the title of your emails as well as the body of the email with dynamic values.

You can find the list of these values by clicking on the help buttons, indicated by the red arrows in the screenshot above.

So if I modify my title as well as the content of the email as in the screenshot below, the customer will receive directly in the title of his email, the title of the intervention and the due date, and in the body of the email the main information such as the due date, the start and end time of the intervention.

⚠️ Please note: Our developments are numerous, it is possible that these dynamic values do not yet work with all emails. Please let us know by using the suggestion box available from the "Help" button at the top right of the application.

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