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My client never received the email sent from Organilog
My client never received the email sent from Organilog

Prevent Organilog mail from being blocked or sent to spam

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The Organilog platform makes it easy to send emails to your customers. This is particularly the case for sending these types of emails:

  • Emails with a quote or an invoice

  • Emails with a notice of a visit

  • Emails with the intervention report

  • ...

Perhaps one of your customers has informed you that they never received the email, although it is indicated as "sent" in the Organilog platform.

If this has happened, it is likely that your customer has an email filtering system. For example, a system that only allows authorised emails to be received (in other words, a white list of authorised emails). We, therefore, suggest that your clients make sure that they can receive emails.

If they have an anti-spam system with several levels of requirements, they can make the restrictions lower to be more flexible.

Organilog endeavors to follow best practices and tips to avoid Organilog emails being considered spam. However, we have no control over whether certain email filtering systems reject Organilog emails. Therefore, we suggest that you inform your customers to check their email settings.


💡 Advanced tip

If you know that your own email system is more suitable, here is a setting you can implement.

  • Note that you must have emails in the format.

  • Let's say you have an "Alpha" client with an email "" for which you want to send invoices.

  • You can create an email such as ""

  • Then create a redirection on this email, to resend everything to "".

  • On the "Alpha" customer file, within Organilog, you can add the email "". This way, every time Organilog sends an email to this customer, it will also be sent to your server which will redirect to your customer's real email.

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