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Create a shortcut to Client Portal
Create a shortcut to Client Portal

Help to easily access the Client portal on your computer or mobile app

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Here's a quick and easy explanation of how to manage credentials and two quick ways to create desktop and mobile shortcuts to the Client Portal.

How do I manage my client's access?

Start by entering a client file, then click on the "Client Portal" tab.

If the tab is not present then you need to activate the Client portal from the settings:

  • Settings

  • General settings

  • Clients

  • " General" section: Enable customer interface access -> Yes

From the " Client Portal" tab, you have two options for transmitting the access credentials to your customer.

  • Either you manually edit the username and password that you then send to your client.

  • Or you use the button " Invite the client to define their credentials ", which will send an email directly to the email address of your customer, allowing them to change and manage their accesses by themselves.

How to create shortcuts (for your customers)?

On computer :

  • Go to:

    This address is to be communicated to the client so that they can access their portal, with their username and password.

  • Drag the address to your desktop like this:

  • Several methods are also explained in this article:

On smartphone/tablet:

  • On Android, open the link from Google Chrome

  • Access the settings menu from the 3 small dots at the top right

  • Click "Add to Home Screen "

A shortcut will then be created on the home page of your phone to access the site in 1 click.

  • Scroll the bottom banner until you find " On the home screen "

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