To save time on a daily basis, it is practical to have a shortcut that opens Organilog directly in your favorite browser. Here are several methods that will allow you to add a shortcut to the Windows desktop or to the taskbar or to your browser's favorites.

Summary :

Add app to favorites

  • Google Chrome

  • Microsoft Edge

  • Mozilla Firefox

Create a desktop or taskbar shortcut

  • Google Chrome

  • Microsoft Edge

  • Mozilla Firefox

Add app to favorites:

Google Chrome :

  • When you are connected to Organilog click on the small star at the top right following the URL to add the link to your favorites, and select "Bookmarks bar" in the folder.

  • Then go to the Google Chrome settings in the "Appearance" section to activate the display of the bookmarks bar.

Microsoft Edge:

  • Click the star at the end of the URL and select "Bookmarks Bar".

  • Then go to Microsoft Edge settings to find the option to activate the bookmarks bar.

Mozilla Firefox:

  • Click on the star at the end of the URL then select "Personal bar", the personal bar will be displayed automatically.

Create a desktop or taskbar shortcut:

You can quickly create a shortcut on all browsers by dragging and dropping, but this shortcut cannot be attached to the Windows taskbar:

Google Chrome:

  • Open Settings, expand "More Tools", and click "Create Shortcut".

  • Then validate the creation of the shortcut.

  • A shortcut is then created on the desktop, you can also drag this shortcut to the taskbar.

Microsoft Edge:

  • Open the settings then click "Pin this page to the taskbar", the icon will be automatically added to the taskbar.

Mozilla Firefox:

  • Click on the Windows desktop and create a shortcut.

  • Then click on "Browse" to find the Firefox executable.

  • Add after the URL of your Organilog account like this: "-url"

  • If your software is installed by default then the path will be the following: "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\ firefox.exe
    " -url

  • Rename the shortcut to easily identify it, then click "Finish", you will find a new icon with the Firefox logo on the desktop.

  • Customize the shortcut icon with the Organilog logo by saving the image available at the following link: Organilog logo

  • Then right-click on the shortcut and open "Properties".

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