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Organilog provides a portal for your customers. They can access documents such as quotes, invoices, job reports, tickets, etc. They can also submit job requests or add addresses.

Enable Client Portal

Depending on your preferences when registering, this interface may be disabled by default. To enable it, go to the Settings > Clients section, then select "Yes" for "Enable Client Portal" option. Then save this option.

Access to Client Portal

To view a customer's portal, go to the Client follow-up > Clients menu, then select the customer. The Client Portal tab is available (if the portal is enabled). You can customize the username and password that are pre-defined by default.

To access the Client portal, click on the "Open the client portal" button (next to "Access"). This opens a new tab for the portal. You can also right-click on this button and select "Copy link address", in order to provide the link address to your customer.

💡 Tip: Add an email to your customer and save it. Return to the Client Portal tab. You will have a button that allows you to send the login information by email to the customer.

Overview of the client portal

When you open the link of the client portal on a browser, you will encounter a login form. This secures access. It is advisable to use the identifiers defined previously to connect.

💡Tip: Add a logo to your company account so it appears on the portal.

When you connect to the portal, you can access various types of information, such as quotes, invoices, jobs, etc.

You can customize the header message and the different accessible tabs. Customers can also create a ticket from the portal ("Tickets" tab).

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