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Create a ticket/ request from an email
Create a ticket/ request from an email

Create a ticket/ request from an email sent by customers

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For better management of customer requests and to save time on a daily basis, both for your customers and for you, your customers can send an email to an address that will convert the content of this email into a ticket in Organilog.

This feature is available from Business Package

How does it work?

If a customer sends you a request so that you receive it directly in Organilog, the customer should send the request to the following email address: (mycompany = your registered Organilog domain)

For example: If your company URL to connect to Organilog is, then the address that the customer should send you the email will be:

Your customers will have to send an email to this address with their request, and they can add an attachment if necessary. The example below shows an email created by one of your customers.

How is the ticket created?

A ticket will be created in your Organilog account. It will have a "New" status and a "Normal" priority. You can complete the information by editing the ticket. Only the title and the content will be filled in. The title of the email will be the title of your ticket, and the content of the email will be in the content of the ticket.

⚡ Note:

  • The platform will be able to associate the ticket with the right customer only if your customer's email address is entered on their file and is exactly the same as the one from which you receive the message. If necessary, you will need to re-associate the ticket with the correct customer file.

  • The email address must be placed first in the list of recipients for the ticket to be created if several recipients are inserted in an email.

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