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Manage email deliverability (Spamminess)
Manage email deliverability (Spamminess)

Check your email deliverability

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This article shows you how to manage the deliverability of your emails sent through Organilog.

We will address the subject in two stages.

  • Tips for personalizing your emails to avoid them being marked as spam.

  • The use of Mail-Tester establishes a score for the management of emails sent by Organilog.

1) Recommendations

Some of our software modules allow you to personalize the subject and body of your emails. Here are a few tips to increase the likelihood of preventing your legitimate emails from being classified as spam by your customers:

  • Avoid using words or phrases commonly associated with spam, such as "free," "promotion," "money," "discount," etc.

  • Please be mindful of using excessive capitalization and exclamation marks.

  • Ensure that the subject line of your email is relevant and concise. Avoid using misleading, ambiguous, or excessively long phrases.

  • Avoid personalizing your texts too much, as personalized messages are more likely to be flagged as spam.

  • Please request to have the email address added to the safe sender list to prevent it from being marked as spam. The process for doing this may vary depending on the email service provider.

However, bear in mind that anti-spam filters are complex, and some false positives may still occur.

2) Use Mail-Tester

It may be a good idea to use an email verification tool. These tools can, among other things:

  • Validate email addresses.

  • Assess deliverability.

  • Please check compliance.

  • Design Analysis

  • Fraud Prevention

By using an email testing tool from Organilog, you can ensure that our tool meets all the necessary conditions for good deliverability.

2) Copy the provided email address

3) Test the deliverability by sending a copy to this email address.

4) Return to Mail-Tester and click on "Check your score."

The 0.7 points lost correspond to the fact that we utilize an external platform for mass email distribution. That's still excellent! The score reflects the effective deliverability of the email and the functionality of our tool.

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