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Newsletter subscriber management
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With Organilog, you can keep a list of your customers, thus making it possible to reproduce the operation of customer management software (CRM). It is possible to indicate to each customer if they are subscribed to a newsletter or a newsletter distribution list.

1/ Activate newsletter subscriber management

The feature that enables you to associate a customer with a newsletter is disabled by default. You need to activate this management in the settings, " Clients " section.

Remember to save the changes.

2/ Add a client to the mailing list

Each client record has a checkbox to indicate if the client is registered to the mailing list.

Remember to save the changes.

3/ Export the mailing list

The client list menu has an export option. If it is not visible, you should make it so by selecting the "Display options" button. This export button allows you to download both the mailing list of clients who have subscribed to the newsletter and the mailing list for the distribution of a newsletter.

The data is exported in CSV format. This format can be opened by software such as Excel or can easily be imported into other software.

What to do with the mailing list?

The mailing list of a newsletter can be used in mass emailing software. There are several tools specifically dedicated to sending newsletters, we recommend some of them (non-exhaustive list):

As for the mailing list, it can be used to write handwritten letters for specific information mailing.

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