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Sending Mass Emails with Tools like Mailchimp and Brevo
Sending Mass Emails with Tools like Mailchimp and Brevo
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Sending mass emails is a common practice in online marketing, enabling companies to reach a broad audience with promotional, informative, or commercial messages in one go.

Organilog doesn't directly manage this module, but using professional tools such as Mailchimp simplifies mass mailing by offering advanced features for personalization, performance monitoring, and mailing list management.

It's worth noting that other tools with similar features to MailChimp are also available.

Export Your Customer Database From Organilog

You can easily generate a CSV file of your entire customer database by clicking the export button in Organilog.

Exporting with Filters (Only for Newsletter Subscribers)

Organilog provides a setting that allows you to display a checkbox indicating whether a customer wishes to subscribe to your newsletter.

You can then perform an export exclusively for clients who have checked this box.

Once you have these files, you can easily use them with various tools, such as Mailchimp.

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