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Send employee schedules via email
Send employee schedules via email

Send weekly schedules to your employees from Organilog

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To remind your employees of the interventions that are planned and assigned to them, you can send weekly schedules directly to their emails.

You only need to have the email address of your employees in their records.

How to add emails to an employee's record?

Please follow the steps below:

  • Go to the " HRM " module

  • Click on “ Team members

  • Enter the employee's record you want to add email

  • Enter their email address in the field provided.

  • Save the changes

If the field is not shown, you need to enable it from the Display options.

How to send employee weekly schedules via email?

To send the schedule :

  • Go to the "Planning" module

  • Click on "Week".

  • Scroll down to the employee's schedule

  • Click on the envelope button next to the employee's name (the button will appear when the mouse hovers)

The employee will receive an email with a list of the interventions scheduled for the week.

The intervention list in the email includes :

  • Organilog numbers of the interventions

  • Customers' names and addresses of interventions

  • Intervention statuses

  • Planned dates and times of the interventions

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