The occupancy rate or utilization rate of your employees is the ratio between the time they spend working and the work time provided for in their contract.

Organilog allows you to view the occupancy rate of each employee directly in the daily or weekly schedule.

Demo video: To be updated

⚡ This feature is available from the premium pack.

To do this, start by activating the feature:

  1. Go to Settings

  2. Then click on Lab and scroll down to the "Planning" section

  3. Finally, check "Yes" to "Show occupancy rates (beta-test)"

  4. And save!

You can then view the occupancy rate in the schedule:

- Day <->

- Week <->

The contractual working time referred to corresponds to the hours indicated in the employee's file.

By default, if the times in the file are not filled in, the times indicated in the intervention settings will be applied.

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