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Send an intervention report from the mobile
Send an intervention report from the mobile
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Organilog mobile app allows you to send intervention reports directly to the client from the mobile device (smartphone or tablet).
It is recommended that users wishing to use this feature ensure that the information on the intervention is completed before sending the report to the client.


The button for sending reports displaying on an intervention record are accessible on the mobile app when the following conditions are met:

  • The buttons must be activated on the settings of the mobile application (see section "View an intervention"). A button allows the sending of the report to the customer, and another can send the report to the address (when several addresses are available for the same customer).

  • The user must have the "administrator" or "moderator" restriction level. The "normal" restriction level does not allow access to the functionality.

  • The customer or the address associated with the intervention must themselves have an email. If the customer does not yet have an email, it should be completed on the web application and then synchronized on the mobile so that it receives the latest information. From then on, the button will be visible.

  • The mobile application must be up to date.

When these criteria are met, the button for sending the report becomes visible:


The reporting system is asynchronous. It waits to receive the data of the interventions as well as the associated photos before being able to send the reports. As soon as the intervention report is received on the web application, including the photos, this report is placed in a queue for a group sending of reports to customers, at least every hour.

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