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[Mobile app] Activate address geolocation
[Mobile app] Activate address geolocation

Help with setting up and using geolocation

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The Organilog mobile application makes it easy to find the place of an intervention thanks to the address geolocation. Any mapping application, such as Google Maps, can be used to visualize your planned route.

1/ Geolocate addresses

It is first necessary to geolocate the address that will receive the intervention. This is possible directly from the "Addresses" menu.

Above is an example showing the location of an address located in London. By moving the cursor, it is possible to refine the longitude/latitude to position the address as well as possible.

Once finished, you can create an intervention at this address, to send an intervention on a mobile.

2/ Activate the geolocation button on the mobile

The button for quickly locating an intervention may be disabled on your application. You should first access the settings of the mobile application, section "View an intervention", then activate the button entitled "Activate card".

Above, the button to display the map is activated.

3/ View an intervention file

Once an intervention with a geolocated address is available, a button will be visible to open the map.

By default, the mobile will propose the application to use to open this type of symbolic link which contains a geolocation. You will have the choice of the application that will open this type of link, depending on the geolocation applications you have on the mobile.

In this example, the mobile offers to open geolocation in Google Maps or in the Waze application. But it would be quite conceivable to open it on another geolocation application, if the latter was installed.

Note: you may not see this step, if during a previous use you clicked on the "Always" button.

4/ Opening in Google Maps

Once opened in Google Maps, you will be able to view the map of the place. The travel time between your position and the customer's address will be automatically calculated.

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