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How to annotate photos on mobile?
How to annotate photos on mobile?
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It can be useful to annotate photos on the mobile app for various purposes. This guide explains how to annotate photos directly from your mobile device.

Example of uses:

  • Annotate locations on a map

  • Highlight visible defects on equipment

  • Highlight specific elements of an installation or service

1/ Download an app to annotate photos:

There are several applications for annotating photos. Here are applications that we recommend, but you can very well use your usual application allowing this or use the application integrated into your device if it has one natively.


iOS (iPhone):

2/ Open the photo with the app to annotate

You can open the app to annotate it and search for the photo or image you want to modify. Once opened, make the annotations or drawings of your choice. Finish by saving the modified image.

3/ Open Organilog and look for the annotated image

You can then open the Organilog application, access the intervention of your choice and attach the annotated photo via the "Library" button.

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