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Mobile app on Android is not working properly
Mobile app on Android is not working properly

Problems following an update or changes in settings.

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Organilog mobile app works offline, which means it uses a database on your device and syncs with the web app periodically. Automatic sync happens every 15 minutes if the app is running, but you can also sync manually after each data change if you have a good network. (e.g.: when you finish a job, enter information, and sync with the web app right away).

Possible solutions

Sometimes, you may need to clear the database on the mobile app to get an updated and compatible version after an update or several data and settings changes on the web app.

If images are stuck and have not been synced, to save these images to your phone:

  • Open the phone's file explorer

  • Go to: Internal storage -> Android -> Data ->com.organilog.V3

  • Check the folders inside

  • Copy the folders or files to another folder to back them up

⚠️ Warning: if you delete the database without saving these images they will be lost.

Solving synchronisation not working: Clear the database

  • Open your phone settings

  • Open the "Application" menu

  • Open "Organilog" app

  • Open the "Storage" menu

  • Tap on " Clear cache " then " Delete data ".

  • Open the "Organilog" app

  • Enter your username and password to login

  • Check if the problem is solved

If this does not work, please contact our Support team. They can look into the problem more closely. Please provide as much detail as possible about the problem, so they can understand, replicate and fix it.

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