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[Android] Clear app data (and uninstall the app)
[Android] Clear app data (and uninstall the app)
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It can happen that your application does not work properly. In this case, the first solution is to delete the data of the installed application. It may well be necessary to uninstall and reinstall the application.

⚠️ Warning: If you have data that has not yet been synchronized, remember to do so before deleting the data or uninstalling the application.

Here's how to clean the data:

  • Go to your smartphone settings

  • Enter the "Applications" menu

  • Tap on the Organilog app

  • Enter the "Storage" section

  • Click on "Clear data"

To uninstall the app, continue with the following steps:

  • Go back to the Organilog page of the application menu (Settings)

  • Click on Uninstall

You can then reinstall the application and it will be reset.

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