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How to fix: Image too large
How to fix: Image too large
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The mobile application allows you to take one or more photos of the interventions. It is worth checking the maximum photo weight for several reasons including speeding up photo sync speed.

Reducing the size of the photos brings you several advantages:

  • Save more photos to the device.

  • Better manage thumbnail management on the mobile app.

  • Reduce the time it takes to send photos during synchronizations.

  • Save more photos on a dematerialized storage space (Cloud).

Set photo size on mobile device

On Android smartphones or tablets with a camera, it is possible to reduce the size of the photos that will be taken.
To do this, it is necessary to open the camera on the smartphone or tablet, then in the settings you will find options for, for example, changing the number of pixels in the photos. The minimum size is generally more than enough to serve as photos on a report.

Size guide

  • <0.5MB: depending on the needs, a photo of a size of less than 1MB can start to be light.

  • 0.5MB to 2MB: recommended size which allows a good ratio between size and quality.

  • >2MB: size too large for photos that will only be used for reports.

Limit photo size when syncing

In addition to the size of photos directly within the device, the application allows you to limit the maximum width of photos during synchronization. In other words, you can keep a high quality of photos on your smartphone, but still limit the size when the data is sent, in order to reduce the synchronization time and to limit the size of the photos on your Organilog interface.

Go to the application settings, then to the "Synchronization" section

Maximum photo width
Select a recommended maximum width value, such as "800px".

💡 Good to know: also be sure to respect the maximum backup weight available with the plan to which you have subscribed within the Organilog platform.

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