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How to fix the "500 Error" when opening a custom PDF
How to fix the "500 Error" when opening a custom PDF
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When you want to view a custom PDF of an intervention report or quote you encounter this error.

Here is a list of the most common causes and solutions to help you solve the problem quickly.

1 - A "Product" line in your quote contains too many characters.

When you create a quote and you add so much information to the product line that it exceeds the maximum number of characters allowed.

In this case, you should create a " Comment " line and insert the information in it.

2 - A font is not valid.

In your custom PDF you have added a "Custom text" element which is copied from another document.

When you paste, the original formatting is kept, i.e. font, size, colors, bold, underlined, etc...

Our text editor may not recognise all these formattings. Thus, it is necessary to choose "Paste as plain text" so that the text is preserved but not the formatting.

To do this, right-click (or CTRL+SHIFT+V) and select "Paste as plain text".

⚡Note: it is also possible that this problem is caused by the text in the footer of the custom PDF.

3 - You have inserted a background or image that is too large or in the wrong format.

If you have added a background or an image to be included in the body of a custom PDF, check if this image is in a compatible format such as "PNG, JPG, JPEG or GIF".

Also check the size of the images you have inserted and avoid exceeding 1 MB per image.

If your PDF is too large, you will have difficulty opening it at first because it will take a long time to load, and if you insert additional images, for example on an intervention report where the photos taken by the worker can be displayed on the report, the document will be even larger. If this document exceeds 10 MB, it is possible that your client's email service will block the attachment because of its size.

There are online solutions that allow you to reduce the size of your images in a few clicks, for example, search for "Compress image" or "Resize image" on a search engine, and follow the instructions to reduce the size of your images.

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