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Add background to PDF reports
Add background to PDF reports
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Organilog allows you to choose a background image to your PDF files.

These backgrounds allow you to personalize your reports, invoices or quotes in order to impregnate your company's image on these elements.

1 - Add background to generic PDFs:

  • Go to Settings ⚙️

  • Click Generic PDF reports > General

  • Specify Background model you want.

  • Save the setting.

After adding background, you can preview report templates corresponding to each report type, such as interventions, billing....

2 - Add background to custom PDFs:

  • Go to Settings ⚙️

  • Click Custom PDF reports

  • Create or open a custom report in the list

  • Click 🖊️ Edit

  • Specify background template you want in the section below.

  • Save the setting.

⚡ Note: You may need to change the margin sizes of your document so that the content does not cover the header or footer.

Download background templates

We offer a selection of background templates that you can download and then add to your PDF settings in your Organilog account. You can then modify and customize them using image editing software (Paint, Gimp, Photoshop, etc.).

Some examples:

Classic Model 50%

Classic Model 75%

Classic Model 100%

Model Color

Custom model 50%

Custom model 75%

Custom model 100%

Custom Model V2

Custom Model V3

Wave Pattern

Classic Model 2

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