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Create a custom report
Create a custom report

Help to create a custom PDF (beginner use).

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Besides the default PDFs, you can create and customize your own reports for interventions, estimates, invoices, contracts, and intervention groups.

You can select the elements you want to display and arrange them as you wish.

How to activate it?

  • Go to Settings ⚙️

  • Select General settings

  • Select Yes to the following option and Save.

Once this option is activated, you will find Custom PDF reports in the navigation menu.

How it works?

  • In the main Settings menu, click Custom PDF reports.

  • Click Add a custom report.

  • Select type of report you want to create.

  • Start by adding a title to your report

  • Then select items you want to display on the PDF report.

💡 Useful tips: You can use the following order in which the main elements of an intervention report are displayed:

  1. Header (logo + name of the report)

  2. Customer information

  3. Intervention information

  4. Planned intervention

  5. Intervention performed

  6. All custom fields

  7. Image gallery

  8. Signature

  • Specify the content of the elements by selecting the information you want to appear or not.

  • You can also hold and drag the elements to arrange them in the order you want.

  • There are also other elements such as "Custom text", "Image", "Page break", "Empty space"

⚡ Note: You can find other advanced settings in the "Settings" tab

  • Save the settings/ modifications.

  • At any time you can view the template by clicking Preview in the upper left corner.

How to download a PDF report?

  • To download an intervention report:

  • In the main menu, click Interventions > Dashboard

  • Go to the intervention record.

  • Click Report

  • In the Download section, click Custom report.

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