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Custom report advanced settings

Help to create a PDF (advanced use).

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Insert a logo or an image and modify its dimensions in "Custom text"

You can insert an image in your document and modify its layout with the "Custom text".

  • To begin, you need to insert the image in your "Cloud". To do this, open "Client management" then "Medias".

  • Click on "Add media".

  • Drag your file or select it in the file explorer

  • Once your file is saved, click on "Download".

  • Right-click on the image then "Copy image address".

  • Then open your custom PDF and add the "Custom Text" field

  • In this field click on "Options" and then on the icon to add an image

  • Copy the link and click on "Insert Image".

  • Resize and place the image where you want

Edit the HTML code of a "Custom text" element

  • Click on the icon to display the HTML code

  • Enter your code to modify a formatting

  • Click again on the button to see the changes

⚡ Please note: you must save and view your document to see the final form. A code may not work correctly and will not give the same rendering on the PDF after conversion from HTML.

In this example the code line allows you to shift the image to the right at a certain distance from the left. But it is possible to insert many other formulas allowing the information to be formatted in the element.

Insert dynamic values in "Custom text":

  • Click on the help button at the bottom left

  • Select and copy the dynamic value you want to insert from the list

  • Paste it into the text editor

  • Modify its formatting

The information taken automatically by this dynamic value will be automatically formatted with the data that the field contains.

In this example, the customer code would be in bold, font 36, and blue color.

This also works with the custom fields available at the bottom of the list.

Use your creativity to create documents that best suit your needs by adapting text with dynamic values or tables.

Modify the formatting of an entry or an element with CSS code

  • Go to the settings tab

  • Insert your CSS code in the field at the bottom right

  • Save and view your document

To find the item you want to make changes to:

  • Click on the ⓘ information tab

  • Check the code of the page (shortcut F12 on the keyboard)

  • Find the element on which you wish to make changes

⚡ Note: these modifications allow you to format a good part of the document, but not EVERYTHING. Regular developments allow to add new options.

Place pictures in different sections with keywords

Add the element "Image gallery", and define in the options a keyword.

You can either define a keyword in the field "Exact wording in the caption" so that the photos containing this keyword in the caption will be displayed in this section, or you can define a word that will make the photos not go in this section with the field "Forbidden wording in the caption", and thus go in another section by default.

If you define a keyword in the field "Keyword included in the caption, in brackets [ ]" then this will allow you to indicate a keyword and still use the caption to note a description of the photo.

It will therefore be necessary to put a keyword between brackets on your photo.

Example: If you indicate "Before" in your field, then the photos with "[Before]" in caption, plus text if you wish, will be displayed in this section.

You can then add as many sections as you need to format your PDF as you wish.

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