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Set a custom report as default
Set a custom report as default
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There are two types of PDFs available in the software:

  • Generic PDFs

  • Custom PDFs

Generic PDFs are the default PDFs, meaning that features such as email shortcut buttons, mass emailing, exporting PDFs to a .ZIP file, PDFs on the customer portal are linked to these default documents.

You have the option to select for each intervention, quote and invoice a custom PDF as the default PDF, so all the features listed above will now be linked to the custom PDF.

How to activate the feature?

To activate this feature go to:

  • Settings (the cogwheel icon at the top right).

  • General settings.

  • Lab.

  • Switch the option "Link a custom report to an intervention, an estimate or an invoice" to yes.

How do I assign a custom PDF as the default PDF?

This is preferable if you only have one document template for your interventions, quotes and invoices. If you have more than one custom PDF template, continue the procedure.

  • Open your custom PDF

  • Click on the "Settings" tab

  • Check the box "Preselect as default template".

This template is now set as default.

How do I select a custom PDF in an intervention?

When you create an intervention or edit an existing one, an option to select the custom PDF will be available.

Select the custom PDF you want to set as the default PDF from this list and save.

How do I select a custom PDF in a quote or invoice?

To associate a custom PDF with a quote or invoice, proceed in the same way as for interventions, select the custom PDF from the available list and save your selection.

How to use the associated functionalities?

The button to send emails quickly from the intervention dashboard is linked to the custom PDF that you have selected in each intervention. You can choose to display from "Choice of columns":

The mass emailing of intervention reports will send the selected custom report in each intervention:

Exporting multiple intervention reports to a .ZIP file:

The button to access the intervention report from the client portal will show the custom PDF selected by default in each intervention. You can activate it in the general settings of the client portal.

Note: An option to display custom PDFs on the client portal is available but it will display and give access to a list of all your custom PDF templates.

Tip: If you activate this feature when you are already using Organilog before this new feature, it is possible to apply a custom PDF to multiple interventions, estimates, and invoices.

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