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Duplicate a custom report
Duplicate a custom report
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If you want to create a new custom report template with a similar layout to one of your already created, without having to create a new template from the beginning, you can use the Duplicate feature, available on custom reports.

This feature allows you to keep the same formatting for your new document and to edit the new report template if needed.

This very simple procedure will take you less than a minute! ⚡

Step 1: Select and view the custom report template to duplicate.

Step 2: From the flat key menu 🔧, click on "Duplicate" to duplicate the report template.

Step 3: Change the title of the report, the name of the document, and the corresponding module if needed.

⚠️ Note that it will not be possible, for example, to duplicate an invoice template in order to create a new intervention report.

Indeed, it will only be possible to use the duplicate tool to create document templates with the same type as the original custom report.

On the new duplicated document, it will also be necessary to modify any other information that does not apply to this new report template (payment conditions, general sales conditions, etc.) and then click on the save button.

Your new report template is thus created in a few clicks!

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