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Renew your clients' contracts easily

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You can renew a contract that is expiring in two ways with Organilog. You can either duplicate the contract or set it to renew automatically.

⚡ Good to know: We recommend that you duplicate the same contract every year, even if it renews by itself. This way you can see the yearly data for each contract, such as the number of jobs or tickets and the profitability.

How to renew a contract?

Method 1: Duplicate a contract

  • Open the "Client follow-up 📂 " menu

  • Go to the "Contracts" module

  • Click on the contract to renew and edit it

  • Open the options (flat key icon at the top right)

  • Select " Duplicate "🔧

  • Edit the information for the new contract (e.g. start and end date) and save.

Method 2: Automatic contract renewal

⚡ Important: The "Contract renewal" feature is only available from the PREMIUM pack. Contact our Support team for more information.

  • Open the "Settings ⚙️ " menu

  • Go to the "Lab" module

  • Scroll down to the " Management Modules " section

  • Select " Yes" in "Enable automatic renewal of unfinished contracts "

This will automatically duplicate contracts that are expiring and not closed on the next day!

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