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2023: A Recap of the Year's Highlights
2023: A Recap of the Year's Highlights
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Explore or rediscover the key developments in Organilog software in 2023! πŸš€βœ¨

We probably won't cover all of them in this article because 2023 brought over 100 new features to Organilog!



The module dedicated to quotes and invoices has seen significant improvements this year. Our team pays great attention to this module, aiming not only to save you time but also to streamline your invoicing process.

  • Send Invoices in Bulk

    You asked for it, we did it!

  • Mandatory Agency Sorting

    Sort even more easily.

  • Bulk Invoicing

    It's all taken care of!

  • Management of Holdback, CEE Bonus, Renov Bonus, EDF Bonus, and More!

    To record and remember.

  • New Calculator for Opening a Modal to Calculate the Sale Price

    Everything was calculated!

  • Modify, Edit, or Delete Links to Your Job Invoices as Often as You Like

    Maintain the link between your invoices and your jobs!

  • Add or Duplicate a Line to Add Information Anywhere in the Document

    Easily add information to your invoices.

  • Partially Lock Your Invoices

    Continue to modify certain details while keeping control.

  • Create Progress Invoices Easily

    Define associated percentage(s) for better editing.

  • Customize Payment Terms for Each Client

    Optimize the management of your transactions.

  • Overview of a Client's Creditworthiness

    A confidence indicator for better decision-making.



The schedule and job modules are the backbone of Organilog, and we take particular care to develop them to make your day-to-day work easier.

  • Improved Drag-and-Drop System

    Extremely practical for managing jobs with multiple participants.

  • Detection of Overlapping Conflicts

    No conflicts with other jobs or absences.

  • Introduction of Artificial Intelligence on Jobs

    Reformulate texts, correct mistakes, and improve sentence wording.

  • Select a Job Location Directly on Your Map

    No more messy journeys. Find jobs close to you.

  • Link a Vehicle to an Employee

    Assign a color code to filter jobs on the map.

  • Geolocate the Day's Jobs

    View all your teams' jobs more easily.

  • Recurring Jobs Displayed Consistently

    Displayed in a translucent dotted box.

  • Vehicle Overhauls Displayed

    Smoother scheduling!

  • Set Filters in the Recurrence Dashboard

    Quick and easy visibility.


A real assistant in the field, we're constantly improving the ergonomics and accessories of the mobile application to make it ever more intuitive and effective.

  • Jobsite Details

    Contact details associated with a job are now displayed on your mobile.

  • Choice of Currencies

    Use the currency defined in the web interface on your mobile.

  • Faster Initial Synchronization Time and Duration

    Synchronize your data faster.



We have developed interconnections to enable you to link Organilog to complementary tools for even greater synergy.

  • CLS Connector for Technicians' Jobs and Route Maps

    The in-vehicle geolocation device!

  • Credit Notes Sent to Chorus Pro

    Sending via Chorus Pro has evolved!



  • Sending reports to suppliers is now available directly in personalized email dispatches.

    Stock management made easy.

  • An order for every branch...

    Do you have several branches? Don't worry; the solution has been optimized.

  • You can sign an order form (invoices) online via the public page.

    And a little signature at the bottom of the page!



  • Automatic e-mail for tickets

    Activation criteria: Email settings > Customer requests > Notification.

  • A new setting allows you to reply to a "Reply to."

    All roads lead to the ticket!



For example, you can import a list of hotels, with longitude/latitude for each one, and define a separate color code to display them on the same geographical map as the jobs to be carried out.

Take advantage of the smooth, optimized use of the geographical map and the universal module!



  • Addition of new fields required in the CERFA:

    Manage your jobs more easily.

  • CERFA 1497*03

    We regularly update the CERFA.



  • A PDF... in a PDF?

    Very useful for adding documents as an appendix to a contract, for example.

  • Creating offer categories

    Very useful for differentiating the management of certain projects with a "funnel" view.

  • Filtering = optimization

    This allows you to clear up the sometimes interminable lists.

  • Spring redesign!

    The payments page has been given a facelift, offering you even more options!

  • A different address for each contact.

    You can now define an address via a dedicated field.

πŸ‘©β€πŸ’Ό We hope you enjoy these new features and look forward to seeing how you put them to use. If you have any questions, please contact us through our Support Portal!

You can always share your feedback to help us improve our services. 🀩

It's also a time to share good vibes! If you like our team, a few kind words will always make our day! 😍


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