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Merge duplicates

How to use Merge duplicates

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It may happen that a duplicate is created unintentionally.

The platform has a tool for merging duplicates so that only one version of the data is kept.

The tool allows you to search for duplicates and also to manage their merging.

Step 1: Access to the tool

To access the tool, go to Settings (⚙️), then click on "Merge duplicates". The tool's home interface allows you to select the data to be merged:

  • Users

  • Clients

  • Addresses (search for duplicate addresses for the same client)

  • Interventions

Select, for example, the search for duplicate clients.

For each type of data, you can select the criteria by which the tool will identify it as a duplicate. For the search for duplicate customers you can search for duplicates based on the fields "Customer name", "Contact name", and "Company name".

💡 Tip: A setting allows you to search for duplicates by looking for words with similar pronunciations. This way, the system will be able to find duplicates even if the spelling is not quite the same.

When you finish, click on the button at the bottom of the page to continue.

Step 2: Selecting duplicates

In the second step, the system will have found duplicates. You will be able to determine whether a duplicate should be ignored or not. For each group of duplicates, you must determine which value should be kept.

💡 Tip: It is usually best to keep the customer with the lowest number, as this means that it is the oldest. You can also click on the "details" buttons to find out more about the items.

Once finished, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the button to continue.

⚡ Note: the tool only handles a limited number of duplicates in case you have too many.

Step 3: Finalize

The last step allows you to confirm that the merge has been completed.

⚡Note: If you merge clients, the associated addresses will all be transferred to the remaining client. So, if you need to merge addresses, we suggest you first merge the customers and then go back to the tool to search for the addresses.

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