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Bulk select custom reports for multiple interventions
Bulk select custom reports for multiple interventions

This process is also applied to invoices and quotes

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First, in order to select a Custom Report from the intervention:

  1. In the General settings menu, click Lab

  2. In the Intervention modules section, select Yes to Link custom reports to interventions, tickets, quotes, or invoices.

  3. Click Save.

Once enabled, you can select a custom report by default or from an intervention.

To bulk-select custom reports for multiple interventions:

  1. In the intervention dashboard, click (verticle ellipsis) and enable the Bulk actions option.

  2. Click Save.

3. In the Intervention dashboard, select interventions for which you wish to modify reports.

4. Click Bulk actions > More choices

5. Scroll down to the Custom report section, check the box and select the report to assign to these interventions.

6. Click Apply.

You can also bulk edit all interventions on the page by checking the box at the top of the Bulk Actions column.

⚡ Note: You have to repeat the process for each page of interventions. You can also use Filter options to refine your search.

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