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Apply a bulk action/ bulk editing
Apply a bulk action/ bulk editing
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In order to save time in data entry, it is possible to apply bulk actions on certain elements such as interventions or customers.

Demo video: To be updated

Step 1: Enable "Bulk actions"

Before you start, make sure you enable the column that handles bulk actions. To do this, click on the "⋮" icon (the three vertical dots) in the top right-hand corner of the list and check " Bulk actions" then Save:

Step 2: Selection of rows

Once the " Bulk actions " column is visible, it allows you to select several rows at a time via checkboxes. As soon as one or more boxes are checked, the " Bulk Action " button appears at the top of the list view.

Step 3: Select action(s) to be applied

In the column heading, a button opens the menu of bulk actions to be applied. The menu opens with several modification possibilities.

The left-hand column, entitled "Modify", is useful for choosing the fields to which the bulk action will be applied. Each action must be checked beforehand, which makes the corresponding action menu appear in bold. The right-hand column is used to define the value to be applied, such as the choice of a new title or the modification of a date.

⚡ Good to know: it is recommended to have a look at the possibilities of bulk actions to know the available functionalities. For interventions, it is for example possible to change the planned date of the selected interventions.

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