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For users of the Business subscriptions and above, it is possible to send a daily batch of intervention reports, delivery notices, and customer satisfaction questionnaires.

From the Interventions > Mass mailing module, you can choose to send emails to:

  • The default address of your client as provided on their record

  • The address of the contact selected for the intervention

  • A specific email address entered on the address form

📝Once the emails are sent, they disappear from the mass mailing list: you can then find the sending history for each intervention.

Sending bulk intervention reports to the customer's email

Save considerable time at the end of the day by sending reports via email to customers and/or contacts of interventions completed during the day.

Sending bulk customer satisfaction questionnaires

In the same way, as for the sending of the intervention reports, you send the questionnaires to all the customers of the day when the intervention is finished, with just one click.

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