"How do we know if a customer is satisfied with our work after an intervention?"

⚡ This feature is available from Business Package.

Organilog allows you to send a satisfaction questionnaire to your customers to measure their satisfaction with your services and those of your employees following an intervention or the resolution of their request.

How to activate this feature for Interventions?

  • First, go to Settings ⚙️

  • From General settings 🡆 Satisfaction questionnaires 🡆 General section 🡆 choose Yes to Enable the customer satisfaction questionnaires 🡆 Save

  • In the next step, go to the Client Portal settings and in the Interventions (Intervention list) section, select Yes in order to display the Customer Satisfaction Form column in the Client Portal intervention table.

  • You can then customize the questionnaire introduction text, and notifications and activate the public average score page , directly from the "Satisfaction Questionnaire" settings.

How to activate this feature for Customer Requests (Tickets)?

  • Open Settings ⚙️

  • Go to Lab 🡆 Various modules section and activate the feature 🡆 Save

Demo video: To be updated

What are the benefits of this satisfaction questionnaire?

  • Practical and quick results

  • Identify the sources of satisfaction and dissatisfaction through the questionnaire

  • Build customer loyalty by listening to your customers

  • Optimize decision-making based on their feedback

  • Increase your turnover by increasing customer satisfaction. These satisfied customers will be more likely to recommend your services and win new customers

An example:

⚡ For Premium Package: Through the Super Assistant function, you can view the unsent satisfaction questionnaires and automate the sending of the questionnaire as soon as an intervention becomes "Completed" or a customer request is closed:

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