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With the Premium Package, you can save time and avoid doing the same tasks again and again. You can use the Super Assistant to automate many Organilog functions.

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How to enable the Super Assistant?

Go to Settings 🡆 Modules 🡆 Management modules 🡆 Enable the module Reminders 🡆 Save

After you turn on this module, you can go to Reminders in the left menu. The Super Assistant is on each tab of the Reminders module to suggest tasks to automate.

What tasks can you automate with the Super Assistant?

The Super Assistant can help you automate these tasks, and send alerts to you and your clients:

  • Email reminders for quotes and invoices that are due

  • Email reminders for jobs that are not completed or late

  • Email updates and reports for jobs to customers

  • Email customer surveys for jobs that are done and customer requests that are closed

It can also help you automate these tasks, and send alerts only to you:

  • Email alerts for tickets that are waiting

  • Email alerts for offers that are overdue

  • Email alerts for contracts that are completed but not closed

  • Email alerts when stocks are low

  • Email alerts for orders that are not received

  • Email alerts for check-ins that are not received

⚡ Notes on using the Super Assistant

  • The Super Assistant is only available for the Premium package.

  • If you don't always send your reports or updates, turning on the automation can make things slower because of the many documents to send to clients.

  • The Super Assistant is a "Lab" feature, which means it is a feature that we are testing and may improve later.

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