In the Premium Pack, to make your daily life easier and to avoid repeating the same tasks over and over again, it is possible to automate many Organilog functions via the Super Assistant.

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How to activate the Super Assistant?

Go to Settings 🡆 Modules section 🡆 Management modules 🡆 Activate the module Reminders

Once this module is enabled, you can go to Reminders in the left navigation menu. The Super Assistant is present on each tab of the Reminders module to suggest tasks to automate.

What tasks can be automated via the Super Assistant?

The Super Assistant allows you to automate the following tasks, creating alerts internally as well as to clients:

  • Sending reminders of due dates on quotes and invoices

  • Sending reminders of unfinished and delayed interventions

  • Sending appointment updates and intervention reports to customers

  • Sending customer satisfaction questionnaires for completed interventions and closed customer requests

It also allows you to automate the following tasks, with internal reminders only

  • Sending alerts for pending tickets

  • Sending alerts for overdue offers

  • Sending alerts for completed contracts that are not closed

  • Sending alerts when products fall below the threshold limit

  • Sending alerts for orders not received

  • Sending alerts for non-received check-ins

⚡ Notes on the use of the Super Assistant

  • The Super Assistant is a feature available in the Premium package.

  • If you do not systematically send your intervention reports or appointment updates, activating the automation of the sending can create a temporary slowdown because of the potentially large number of documents to be sent to the customer.

  • The Super Assistant is considered a "Lab" feature, which means that it is a feature that is offered on a trial basis and is still likely to be improved in the future.

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