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Multi-user Interventions
Multi-user Interventions
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Thanks to the multi-user function, you can now assign an intervention to several users/ team members.

How it works

When you create an intervention with a team member, this intervention gets a unique Organilog number, you can find this intervention in the list of your interventions, from the dashboard.
When another team member is added to the same intervention, the system will create a "hidden" intervention for each speaker added, which means, this intervention will not be visible in the list of interventions, making it possible to record the information of the second team member.

How to manage information?

It is strongly recommended for the second user to enter only his/ her working hours when closing the intervention.
So it is required for the main user to fill in his working hours but also other fields related to this intervention, as well as the photos and signatures.

You will then be able to find on the PDF report of the intervention all the information entered by the main user.

If the second user has also entered information, then it must be transferred to the main user.

How to view the data of the other participants?

To view the data of the secondary participants you need to enter the main intervention and click on the double arrow next to the name of the secondary participants.
You will be redirected to the "hidden" intervention and thus be able to recover the images and other information that this second speaker would have added in the different fields to transfer them manually to the main intervention.

You can also retrieve different media from the "Clients" menu and then "Files/ Medias", you just have to download them and then add them to the main intervention.

It is also possible to deactivate the management of the multi-user, this will no longer hide the interventions of the secondary users but you will also no longer be able to assign several team members to the same intervention.

The setting is available in the "General settings" > "Interventions":

You will then be able to find all the interventions separately in the list of interventions and download the report of the second user if the latter has filled in the information in place of the main user.

You can then enable the setting to reactivate the management of the multi-user function.

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