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Multi-user management
Multi-user management

Add more than one team member to an intervention.

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The Organilog platform can be used to manage the assignment of several members to one intervention. This function makes it possible to draw up a more accurate report, particularly if two people are involved, and to obtain more accurate statistics on working time for the customer or the workers.


By associating several workers with the same intervention, you don't need to create one intervention per person, saving time to enter the data. Here is a summary of the advantages of this function:

  • The intervention record will summarise the list of staff involved

  • The calculation of the hours worked will be detailed by the person involved.

  • The working time associated with the client and the intervention address will be multiplied by the number of workers (also visible on contracts and work sites).

  • The working time (if indicated) will also be calculated by the number of workers (unless you deactivate the corresponding option in the General settings)

  • The intervention will be visible on the schedule of each team member.

  • The weekly or monthly working time of the worker will take into account this intervention

Enable the multi-user function

Multi-user management is not activated by default. You must first activate this management via Settings.

Go to the "Interventions" section, then activate the parameter entitled: "Enable multi-users", and click on "Save".

Adding multiple users

When the multi-user function is enabled, you can add several users to an intervention. You simply select the users from the drop-down list and add as many users as necessary.

Note: you can also delete a user from the "X" button on the right of the drop-down list.

Managing data

When several staff members are added, it is strongly recommended that the other staff members, who will be called "secondary", enter only the hours they have worked when the intervention is closed.

Thus, it will be the main worker who will have to close his intervention, by also entering the hours worked, but also by completing the various fields necessary for this intervention, as well as the photos and signatures.

You will then be able to find, on the PDF report of the main intervention, all the information entered at the time of closure by the main worker.

If the other workers have also entered information, it must be transferred to the main intervention.

It is possible to overwrite or not to overwrite automatically the information (due dates and hours, duration, comments, and budget) of the secondary workers with those of the main worker, by modifying the setting in General settings > Interventions :

Note: This option only works if the intervention of the main worker is closed from the web.

When this option is set to "no", the schedules of secondary team members can only be modified from the mobile application, from the user's account.


If the option is set to "yes": if the intervention has been completed from the mobile phone and the intervention of the main worker is edited and then saved from the web (even without modification), the information of the secondary worker will be overwritten by the information of the main worker, including the timetables, even if they were different.

Adding workers to the intervention from the mobile

When a worker is added from the mobile by the primary worker, the information already present in the intervention will be pre-filled for the secondary worker. It is then up to each worker to add the hours worked on this intervention.

When the intervention is created from the mobile and the primary worker adds a worker after having added his own schedules and completed the intervention (added after recording), these same schedules and information will be copied to the secondary worker's intervention.

If a worker is added while the primary worker is filling in their schedules and completing the intervention (added before recording), the secondary worker will have to add their schedules from the mobile application to their account.

Or, if the option "overwrite the data of the secondary workers in the "done" part by those of the main worker" is set to "yes", it will be necessary to come back to the main intervention on the web and then edit and save the intervention so that the information of the main worker is duplicated on the intervention of the secondary worker.

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