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[Android] Force synchronization with Google Calendar
[Android] Force synchronization with Google Calendar
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With the Business Package, you can sync your interventions with an external calendar, we will see how to manage a problem related to Google Calendar.

How does it work technically?

Organilog does not send the calendar items to Google, but Google fetches the information from Organilog.

By default, this synchronization is done every 24 hours and Google does not authorize the modification of this timing.

This trick lets you get around this problem and perform a forced sync.

Here is a "trick" to force sync with Google Calendar

First, please make sure you have the Google Calendar application on your smartphone.

  • From your mobile, go to the PlayStore and download the free iCalSync application.

  • Open the iCalSync app and click the "+" at the top right to add a calendar.

  • Fill in the fields like this:

Calendar name: Enter the name you want, for example, "Organilog Calendar".

URL: This is the address that you will retrieve from your account in the interventions dashboard (if the button is not available, go to " Display options " and check the " iCalendar feed " button.
The link should be as follows (example only):

Sync periods: Choose the timing for synchronization.

⚡ Important: To avoid consuming too much data on your mobile and our servers, it is strongly recommended not to select an option below 15 minutes.

Reminder: You can set reminders of the interventions, for example, 10 minutes before it starts

Color: This will be the display color on the Google Calendar schedule.

Owner email address: Enter the email address of your Google account.

How will the interventions appear?

Once your sync is set up on iCalSync , then you will see a new calendar appear in Google Calendar, allowing you to show and hide interventions.
Interventions will always be up to date on this calendar, whether they are rescheduled or deleted.

💡 Good to know: It is possible to force the synchronization of the interventions of this calendar by clicking directly on it in iCalSync with this setting "Sync by tapping"

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