It is possible to choose the details of the information of interventions or tasks displayed in the schedule: title, worker, address, client, and client's telephone number.

To customise the planning fields:

  1. Go to Settings at the top right corner

  2. Click on Planning and scroll down to the 'Interventions' section

  3. Choose the desired display in 'Display of an intervention'.

  4. And save!

It is also possible to customise the content of the planning field. To do so:

  1. Choose "Custom text to set" as an option for the display of an intervention

  2. Then write the text in the space below named "Display of an intervention: custom text to set".

The values available for customisation via text are :

  • *IS_DONE*: planned or executed

  • *CODE_ID*: intervention number

  • *TITLE*: title of the intervention

  • *CLIENT* : client's name

  • *ADDRESS* : intervention address

  • *USER* : worker

  • *CLIENT_PHONE*: client's telephone number

  • *ADRESSE_PHONE*: telephone of the address

  • *HOUR_START*: start time

  • *HOUR_END*: end time

  • *CATEGORY*: intervention category

  • *GROUP* : intervention group

  • *HOUR_WORKED*: working time

Tip: Avoid putting too much information as not all of it will be visible, and prioritise the main information. And if necessary insert a space between the "*" for a clear layout.

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